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khas untuk 4 Motivasi

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Sempena hari Qk M'restore blik blog ku..aQ nak share satu cerita literature form 4 yang bertajuk 'QWERTYUIOP' by Vivien Alcock : tersebutlah alkisah....


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This story is about a seventeen - year - old girl called Lucy Beck,who had just received a diploma from a secretarial college. With the diploma, she hoped to secure a job as a secretary. Her principal,Mrs Price however did not have much confidence in her because she was small, she looked timid and could only type at a slow speed.

Lucy too was not very confident in her own self. She feared that she would not get a job. So, getting a job at the first interview she went was really a blessing. On her first day, she was surprised by a spirit of the former secretary, Miss Broome. The spirit communicated with her using the electronic typewriter. At first, she was horrified and frightened. Yet when she thought about the many luxurious things she could buy with her salary as a secretary, she became determine to fight the spirit.

She discovered from Harry Darke, an old man who worked at the firm that Miss Broome was a lonely woman who dedicated her life to her job as secretary. She was asked to leave by the late Mr Bannister after working for 43 years. She was reluctant as the office was like her home and she had no family. Even in her death, she was adamant to keep her job and frightened off many young girls who wanted to take her job.

Finally, Lucy was able to persuade the spirit of Miss Bloome to leave the job to her. She told her that Mr Bannister had passed away and he desperately needed her to take care of him in the new world. Lucy related to Miss Bloome that she was told to leave because Mr Bannister was worried about her health.

Habess dahhh....

Main Character : Lucy Beck

Minor Character : Miss Broome (Ghost)
Lucy's mother
Uncle Bert
Harry Darke
Mr Ross

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